Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Postal Applications Still Allowed

During the recent changes to the visa process it was stated that postal applications would no longer be possible.  However we have noticed on the High Commission’s website – FAQs that to the question – Can I submit a visa application through post/courier?  They answer – ‘Yes’.  They then say that this ‘will take longer (two weeks) and if there are any errors it would be returned.  To avoid such inconvenience, it is preferable to submit applications with appointment’.

Postal applications always did take longer and were returned if there were errors – so there does not seem much change to the system other than they would prefer people to make appointments.  They say you could select the London Mission but do not state which centre to send it to.  Prior to the new system all postal applications went to Hounslow.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Indian Visa Process

Further to my previous Blogs we now have a better understanding of the new process following a meeting at India House on Wednesday (18 March).  Although the High Commission of India announced the introduction of biometrics at the same time as the personal appointments they explained that the two aspects have different time scales.  The personal appointments are now in place - the biometric requirements will follow at a later date (still to be announced).  As visa applicants are not required to give their fingerprints etc at the appointment this means that each individual does not have to attend their own appointment.  This is very good news as it means that one person can attend the appointments for the whole family/group. Better still, they can use the services of a Visa Agency who can attend the appointments on your behalf.  Use of a Visa Agency is the preferred method for most of our customers. 

It is still early days in this process and we hope that the systems will become more steam-lined. Currently each appointment needs to be made separately and there is no guarantee that you will be allocated consecutive appointments.  This means that one person in the group may have a morning appointment and the other an afternoon one – or worse on a different day. 

Below is a link to the Press Release circulated today:

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