Monday, September 24, 2012

Ban on Tiger Tourism

There is an on-going battle being played out through the Indian courts regarding tigers.  For most of the ‘low season’ there has been a ban on tourists entering Indian National Parks in order to ‘protect the tigers’. Many National Parks are closed at this time anyway so the impact for tourists has been negligible.  But behind the scenes hotels/resorts/lodges, guides and other people that make their living in the parks, the Indian States that have National Parks, Tiger Conservation organisations and other interested bodies have all been battling to keep the parks open.  Their argument is that tiger poachers do not operate where there are tourists.  Also of course tourists bring in large amounts of money which can be re-invested into the parks.  So rather that threatening tigers - tourism is helping them.  Plus of course there are large numbers of people earning a living through ‘tiger tourism’. 
During the ban the local people are doing their best to give people the best experience they can considering the limitations.  This may include visiting the buffer zones or adjacent land.

The arguments continue through the Supreme Court and the next hearing is on 27 September.  In the meantime if you are travelling to India and your itinerary includes a visit to a National Park you will have to take local advice depending on the situation at the time. 

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