Monday, December 22, 2014

Sundays no longer 'Dry'

We are very pleased to see that following the public outcry and lobbying by the tourist industry the Kerala Government have now made the sensible decision to review the new alcohol rules.  Sundays are no longer ‘dry days’ and all 4 star as well as 5 star hotels can have a full licence if they want it.  There is another hearing on 15 January 2015 which will decide on the fate of 3 star hotels.  In the meantime any 3 star hotels that already have a full licence can continue to sell spirits up to 15 January and can sell beer and wine irrespective of the court ruling.  The decision was made based on the concerns for the large number of bar workers who lost their jobs (418 bars across the state were closed) and the fact that the sale of alcohol increased by 60% on Saturdays prior to ‘dry’ Sundays!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Opening Hours

24 December – the office will close at 12.30
25, 26, 27 and 28 December – closed
29, 30 and 31 December – open in the mornings, closed from 12.30
1 January – closed
2 January – back to normal opening hours

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wi-Fi now free at Taj Hotels

We are pleased to report that at last the Taj group of hotels have listened to their customers and from 15 November 2014 the Wi-Fi will be free in all their hotels.  It has long been a frustration for our customers that most of the other accommodation used during their holiday (hotels, guesthouses and homestays) offer complimentary Wi-Fi but when they stay in a more expensive hotel such as a Taj they are charged.  We (and no doubt many other Tour Operators) have raised this issue with the management – so we are very pleased that our advice has been acted upon. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Another Season of Top Scores

We are very pleased to report that yet again our customers are ‘more than satisfied’ with our service.  80% of last season’s customers supplied us with feedback and of these 95% gave us the top score (excellent).  The rest gave us the second score (good).  Not a single customer ranked us as ‘satisfactory or below’.  I don’t suppose there are many tour operators who can make such claims.  We are very grateful to our local agents, our drivers and all our suppliers who all help to make our customers holidays ‘excellent’.  Many thanks to them and all our customers who take the time to give us their feedback. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Four Star and Heritage Hotels to retain their Licences

The High Court ruling has enabled more than just the five star hotels to serve alcohol.  This is a partial victory for common sense and from the visitors’ point of view it is not just the few who chose to stay in five star hotels that will be able to ‘drink’ with their meal. 

The Times of India newspaper dedicated a whole page to the news item.  I was interviewed about the effect this ban would have on tourists and many of my comments were included.  See the link below:

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