Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dress Code for Tamil Temples

From 1 January there are new rules regarding the clothes you may wear to visit a temple in Tamil Nadu.  The new code was announced with immediate effect and the list of clothes visitor are allowed to wear inside the temples are all South Indian local clothes and nothing that a foreign tourist is likely to have in his/her suitcase!  The rules specifically state that jeans and tight leggings would not be allowed.  The ruling is being disputed and we hope that something more sensible will be agreed upon.  In the meantime we recommend to all our customers that they dress modestly and respectfully.  Cover your legs and shoulders and don’t wear anything too tight or revealing.  At this stage I don’t think you will have to go out and buy a South Indian outfit!  Suggest you discuss this with your driver as they are likely to know the current situation. 

Beware Fake eTV websites

It has come to our attention that there are some scam Visa websites.  To obtain your visa you need to make an online application.  The official website is https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/  This is used for eTVs and for regular visas (although British citizens go through VFS Global).  But some of our customers have recently discovered that there are ‘Visa Agencies’ that appear to be the official site.  The site has a visa application form and the text may be an exact copy of the official site – but they are agencies and if you are successful in completing the application (so far none of our customers have been and this was how we were alerted) it you can expect to pay extra for their service.  We have no idea if they will actually supply you with a visa!  Ensure you go to the site listed above. If you are in any doubt – contact us.    

We offer an eTV service to our clients (for a small fee).  If you do it through us then you know you are getting a genuine visa. 

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